enero 22, 2017

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Twitter durante la toma de posesión de Donald Trump

Twitter se agita durante la toma de posesión de Donald Trump como el nuevo presidente de los Estados Unidos. En el transcurso de la posesión de Donald Trump, 10:00am a


Trump Won’t Stop Investment in Mexico

NAFTA is as much an investment as a trade treaty, providing guarantees of international courts, regulatory coordination, and intellectual property protections. This has helped bring over $500 billion in foreign


Obama official: DACA students will soon be deported under Trump

Young immigrants currently protected from deportation will be quickly removed from the country by President Donald Trump’s plan to boost deportations, even if the new president doesn’t target them directly,


🙂 WATCH: White Nationalist Richard Spencer Sucker-Punched in the Face During Trump Inauguration

White nationalist Richard Spencer  was reportedly sucker-punched in his face during the inaugural festivities for President Donald Trump today. A video shared on  Twitter  shows Spencer discussing the “White lives

Donald Trump

😡 Latino Rebels | White House Site Goes ‘English Only,’ Saying Adios to Español (For Now)

Around the same time President Donald Trump was being sworn in on Friday, the White House’s official website was going through its own changes, one of which was the apparent

Donald Trump

😡 Trump’s Transition of Untruths, Exaggerations and Flat-out Falsehoods

In 71 days as president elect of the United States, Donald Trump told at least 82 untruths. Many of Trump’s forays into fiction are familiar to those who watched his

Donald Trump

Infografía del Gabinete de Trump

http://infographics.economist.com/2017/Trump/TrumpGraphic.html Fuente: http://infographics.economist.com/2017/Trump/TrumpGraphic.html Publicado: January 22, 2017 at 10:03AM


grupo reforma – negocios – Regresan aguacate de Jalisco

Regresan aguacate de Jalisco Leticia Rivera Guadalajara, México (21 enero 2017).- Anunciaron con bombo y platillo las exportaciones de aguacate de Jalisco a Estados Unidos… pero luego de esperar días