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Now, today for the first timein six months, Donald Trump helda press conference, which, I guess, was well-timed, because last night we heardwhy Obama was so grateful to the American people. And today, we heardwhy the American people should be so gratefulto Donald Trump. I was offered $2 billion to do a deal in Dubai, a number of deals, and I turned it down. I didn’t have to turn it down. We could make deals in Russiavery easily if we wanted to;I just don’t want to. I could actually run my business and run governmentat the same time. I don’t like the way that looks, but I would be able to do thatif i wanted to. I’d be the only one that wouldbe able to do that. (laughter) Congratulations, America. You’ve elected a man who looksat the presidency as his side hustle. He’s like, “Man, I’m just doingthis White House (bleep) till I can get that paper, man.That’s all I’m doing. But no joke. Trump’s taking his new jobreally seriously, and to show how hardhe’s working, he even brought every singlemanila folder in America. Look at that table. Wow. It’s like, that’s just a prop. You know somewhere in Americathere’s a Staples where someone walked in andsaid, “You know what I need? “One of everything. I’m gonna make Americagreat again.” What was great abouttoday’s press conference is that for the first time wegot to hear Trump use Russia and hackingin the same sentence. As far as hacking,I think it was Russia. But remember this– we talkabout the hacking, and hacking’s bad and itshouldn’t be done, but look at the thingsthat were hacked. Look at what was learnedfrom that hacking: That Hillary Clintongot the questions to the debateand didn’t report it. That’s a horrible thing. Yay! Finally! America has a president who knows how to lookon the bright side. I mean, hacking’s bad, but look at what we learnedfrom the hack. I can’t wait to hear Trump’sviews on global warming. “Flooding’s bad,real bad, folks, “but look how many people arelearning backstroke. “Huh? Huh? Come on, bright side.” It appears there’s no cloud Trump cannot seethe silver lining in. TV JOURNALIST: Well, if Putin likesDonald Trump, I consider that an asset,not a liability. Well, yeah, the man is right. Someone who is a helpto a foreign power is called an asset. Yeah, that’s true, yeah. Trump is like Jason Bourne,just without everything. And-and by the way, like, is it that simple to beon the right side of Trump? You just compliment him and thenall of a sudden he’s like, “Yeah, yeah. I like this,this is good.” Don’t get me wrong. I don’t wantto give ISIS any ideas but it seems like the wayto get to Trump, and get him on your good sideis just compliment him. If ISIS is like,”Death to America, but Trump’s hands are huge.” Then Trump will be like, “Guys,what’s so bad about ISIS? “It’s a good thing;they like me and my hands. “I’m an asset, okay? High five.” Wh-what really makesDonald Trump great, though, is other than his braveryin the face of reason, he knows what America wants, because, yeah, because, yeah, he-he droppedsome new singles today, but he also played the hits. If somebody said about me what Podesta said about Hillary, I was the boss, I would havefired him immediately. I won’t be giving a littlereset button like Hillary. Here, press this pieceof plastic. The guy looked at her likewhat is she doing? Do you honestly believe that Hillary would be tougheron Putin than me? It’s time for Trump to realize he can’t keep runningfor president. Donald Trump,it’s time to be president. Just because you’re really goodat elementary school, doesn’t mean you getto stay there forever. Eventually, you have to move on. You have to move on. But Hillary wasn’t the onlyperson Trump went after today. He also got mad at CNN for breaking the Russianblackmail story. -Mr. President-elect…-Go ahead. Go ahead. -Mr. President-elect, since youare attacking -No, not you. -our news organization,-Not you. -can you give us a chance?-Your organization is terrible. You’re-you’re attacking our newsorganization. -Your organization -is terrible. Let’s go.-Can you give us a chance -to ask a question, sir? Sir?-Go ahead. Quiet. Quiet. -Can you state…Mr. President-elect, -Go ahead. -can you state categorically…-She’s asking a question. -Don’t be rude.-Mr. President-elect, can you -give us a question? You’reattacking us. -Don’t be rude. -Can you give us a question?-Don’t be rude. -Can you give us a question?-No, I’m not gonna give you a… -I am not gonna give youa question. -Can you state… -Can you state categorically…-You are fake news. AUDIENCE:Ooh. (imitates Trump):You are fake news. You’re not here right now. You’re telling meto do bad things. Wow. Welcome to the next four years. You know what, honestly, thatwas one of the most frightening moments of today’spresser for me. Because in America, the pressis supposed to be a check on the president,not the other way around. And you realize this isessentially the first step in the authoritarian tango. That’s what you do. You shut downone news organization by alleging that it’s all fake. That’s your move, right? And then,if you get away with it, you can shut down anothernews network, you know? And then you can shut downanother news network, shut down another news network,shut them down, shut them down, until all that’s left is,”Breaking news: “has President Trumpbeen working out? “This just in,President Trump is tired, “because he’s been runningthrough my mind all day. Up next, weather:it’s not warming.”

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