House Republicans tackle their first priority under Donald Trump: Attacking abortion rights

Congressional Republicans get straight to work on a bill aimed at cutting off all insurance coverage for abortion

Last month, Planned Parenthood released focus group research showing that while Donald Trump’s supporters are often willing to express sexist attitudes, they aren’t particularly keen on attacking reproductive health care access. Many of the participants were confident that Trump signified a new era for Republicans, where conservative politicians dropped the relentless attacks on reproductive rights.

“It seemed as if Trump’s lasciviousness, which Clinton hoped would disqualify Trump with women, actually worked in his favor,” Michelle Goldberg of Slate wrote in December. “The focus group participants couldn’t imagine that Trump would enact a religious right agenda.”

In reality, of course, the GOP obsession with undermining abortion and contraception access shows no signs of abating under President Trump. On the contrary, Republicans are well aware that Trump owes the religious right a few favors, because Christian conservatives marshaled their people to vote for a licentious worshiper of Mammon. That’s why one of the very first action items on the congressional Republican agenda is passing bills to restrict abortion access, and cash in the massive debt that Trump owes them.

Trump has already signed an order depriving international family planning organizations of funding. As Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns and Money notes, Trump probably didn’t even know that this was even an issue before becoming president, but it hardly matters.
“But all signs are that Congress will let Trump loot the treasury and pack the cabinet with comically unqualified cronies,” Lemieux writes, “and Trump will pack the judiciary with neoconfederates, gut the regulatory state, and sign whatever legislation Ryan and McConnell put on [his] desk. One hand scratches the other’s back with an ivory backscratcher.”

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