What to Know About Trump Reinstatment of Mexico City Policy Affecting Overseas Abortions

On President Trump’s first Monday in office, he issued an executive memorandum reinstating the Mexico City policy, also called the global gag rule, which bars federal funding for overseas groups that provide access to or counseling about abortions.

What Is the Mexico City Policy, or Global Gag Rule?

The policy bars foreign organizations from receiving U.S. aid if they offer abortion-related services, including counseling on abortion, as part of family-planning services.

The History of Policy
Introduced by President Ronald Reagan at a United Nations conference in Mexico City in 1984, the policy was dubbed the global gag rule by abortion-rights groups.

The policy, which has been heavily criticized by Democrats, has been rescinded and reinstated multiple times. President Bill Clinton overturned the policy in 1993, and it was reinstated under President George W. Bush in 2001. President Barack Obama overturned the policy on his third day in office in 2009.

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